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Vox Travel represents agency specialising in organising stag & hen weekends, corporate events, ski & weekend breaks in many cities in Europe including Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam or many others. We have been operating on the market since 2004 so we have many years of experience in organising these type of events. We have direct operation in each location so that is why we can always offer you very affordable prices and a high quality service - ask more than 17 250 people who travelled with us in 2014! Our business face is represented by our professionalism, flexibility and willingness to organise you the best weekend of your life! We are a young and easy going team who is happy to cooperate.

For general enquiries or bookings please use the following details:

VOX spol. s r.o.
Mileticova 21,
831 03 Bratislava

Email address and phone numbers on the teams:
Prague: - +421 902 717 899
Brno: - +421 902 717 899
Germany: - +421 903 717 402
Poland: - +421 903 717 403
Bratislava: - +421 903 717 403
Sofia, Sunny Beach: - +421 903 717 403
Amsterdam: - +421 903 717 403

Hotline numbers during the weekends:
Germany +421 2 2062 0129
Czech Republic +421 2 2062 0121
Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands and Bulgaria +421 2 2062 0122


Skype: voxtravel_company

Our Team

Zuzana Lisá
Owner & Financial Director
Tel.:: +421220620112
Favourite Location: All
Description: She is a main person in the office. Her responsibility is mainly associated with the financial management of our company. She is always willing to help all staff in the team.
Matej Lisý
Managing Director
Tel.:: +421220620111
Favourite Location: Amsterdam
Description: Our MD Matej is responsible for "everything". He designs and develops new projects that push the company forward. In addition, our boss has the best humour in the world. He is a big lover of beers and top class whisky. Cheers boss!
Martin Adamka
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Tel.:: +421220620116
Favourite Location: Sunny Beach
Description: Martin is responsible for effective SEO, campaign strategy, and the online communication with our customers. He is a big fan of watching movies, concretely Tolkien's movies. When Martin appears in the office, a positive atmosphere is knocking on the door.
Veronika Bezáková
HR Manager
Tel.:: +421220620114
Favourite Location: Prague
Description: Veronika is our specialist in terms of Human Resources. She is responsible for the different composition of personalities in the office. Moreover, she participates on the brilliant organisation of many stag and hen groups in Prague. If you would like to taste something special, Veronika is a great source of Manuka honey from New Zealand!
Martina Kolarovcová
Event Manager
Tel.:: +421220620115
Favourite Location: Bratislava
Description: Martina is an inseparable part of stag and hen weekends in Bratislava. She knows everything that you need to know about Bratislava. She gives you the best recommendation for restaurants and ideally accommodation in Bratislava. Martina is our sunlight in the office and a very communicative and friendly person.
Event Manager
Tel.:: +421220620123
Favourite Location: Munich
Description: Lukas represents one of the biggest maximalists in our team. As one of event managers, he is mostly specialised for unique destinations – Brno and Sofia. Moreover, he created the basis for a new destination in Germany, Munich. He loves all the outdoor sports that can you imagine, especially hiking in mountains are his favourite hobby.
Jozef Kocún
Event Manager
Tel.:: +421220620117
Favourite Location: Hamburg
Description: Jozef is absolutely new member of our team. He is a specialist for the German market. His brilliant German language gives us new opportunities how to be more successful in Germany. Jozef loves traveling, and would like to visit all the countries of the world.
Lenka Kudryová
Economic Specialist
Tel.:: +421220620113
Favourite Location: Bratislava
Description: Lenka is the biggest finance icon in the office. She is responsible for all invoices and the accounting at our company. She has certainly the best British humour in the world. When somebody needs help with something important, Lenka is always willing to help out.

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