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Do you want your people to go that extra mile for you when it counts? Or maybe you just want to reward them for their hard work at the office? Then let us know and we will set you up with best possible corporate event your company will experience.  

Berlin is a thriving metropolis of modern cool. Whether it´s the hip culture, latest fashion or trendiest music, Berlin´s got it. Any young collective is sure to benefit from the great atmosphere and abundance of free thinking that seems to float around. The activities we have prepared reflect just that- ride the "new bike" segway or have an off-road, quad biking race in the mud just outside of city. In case there are any adrenaline junkies in the group, let them go rafting and watch them yell and scream. You could also have a shooting competition on practice range, or have an all-company paintball shoot-out! Golfing is as dignified and relaxing as one can desire , however, our all-time favorite is a team-building event that goes by the name treasury hunting, make sure not to miss it!

In case anyone gets hungry after enjoying daytime activities, enjoy the evening dishes in seemingly endless number of local and exotic restaurants.

Cool usually starts to dawn during the dusk, so the night-time activities are a must in Berlin. Innumerable clubs sufficing any whim are bread-and-butter of local folks so don´t let any team member stroll away, for he or she might miss on some real-life training in "soft" skills.

Since 2003 we have organized many team buildings, corporate events and similar activities so you can trust us to provide you with the best services available- suitable and affordable  hotel accommodation with conference facilities, catering, bus and limousine transfers.

We are anxious to provide you with any information you might have as your good time is our business.

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